Speaker Release Agreement

I acknowledge that the Financial Health Network may record all or parts of its conferences/programs in audio, visual, or other format and may make edited and/or unedited transcriptions thereof. All such recordings and transcripts and any related materials in any format are referred to hereunder as a “Recording” or “Recordings”.

I understand that the Financial Health Network may make such Recording(s) available, before, during, or after the conference, to conference participants and other professionals interested in the topics being covered.

I hereby grant to the Financial Health Network the following rights to any such Recording(s) regardless of any format   or form of communication including electronic or otherwise whether now existing or hereafter developed, including:

  • The non-exclusive worldwide right to use, transcribe, publish, reproduce, distribute, sell, display, or license my Recording(s), as presented in the conference/program, alone or in conjunction with other materials;
  • The non-exclusive worldwide right to use my Recording(s) as part any conference/program/publication produced by the Financial Health Network;
  • The non-exclusive worldwide right to use my Recording(s) to promote and publicize the Financial Health Network; and
  • The non-exclusive right to use my name, likeness and biography in connection with the advertising, publicity, and promotion of my Recording(s) or of the Financial Health Network.

As a conference speaker, I hereby consent to the foregoing and to the discharge and acquittal of the Financial Health Network from any and all claims, demands or causes of action that I may hereafter have, whether for libel or violation of privacy or anything else by reason of recording, duplicating and distributing my Recording(s) or any material(s) that I delivered to this conference. This release form in no way inhibits me from using my own presentation in any manner I so desire, provided that each such use includes an acknowledgement that the presentation was developed in connection with a conference produced by the Financial Health Network.

I acknowledge and agree to comply with the Financial Health Network’s Open Meeting guidelines, which state that     all Financial Health Network conferences/programs are open to the Media unless they are business sessions of a confidential nature. “Media” as used throughout this Release includes print, radio, TV, or Internet reporting and journalists credentialed by the Division for Media Relations and Communication Services. In addition, I acknowledge that Media may record, photograph, or make fair use of all or any portion of my presentation.

I acknowledge that execution of this Agreement does not obligate the Financial Health Network to publish my Recordings, presentation or any part of it.